Posted: Sep 05, 2017 7:27 pm
by Zadocfish2

Chapter two could be called Whom Do I Hate? Don't Get Me Started. Chapter three is Blood Sacrifice for Dummies. And the final two chapters might just as well be put down as Whom to Kill and Why parts I & II. I think you get my drift; that this blood-soaked documentary is directed, edited and produced by none other than the leading actor, God himself, who is not bashful about his intentions, and does not seem to mind that the words he has personally penned look just like something that a flawed, human representative of a primitive and barbaric tribal community would write. It includes everything such literature should include: devotion [our God], favoritism [who loves us], exclusivity [and hates you], and purpose [wants us to kill every motherfucker that gets in our way]. And that character is the primary reason why theologians for centuries were comfortable taking the words of Jesus literally, and have been preaching about a literal Lake of Fire.

You realize that Abel was very specifically the villain of that story, right? The whole point was "killing people is bad." Your characterization of the story can only come from either never having read it, or just having forgotten about it entirely. Possibly your memory of it has been tainted about it by your disdain for the religion as a whole?

Also, I think you're underselling Jesus' teachings. His teachings on how to treat other people go much farther than most... to this day, there aren't many that go as far as Jesus did. Loving enemies, doing things for the sake of doing them rather than reputation, giving until it hurts, all that. I can understand disagreeing with His teachings on obedience, but His teaching on love is hard to find flaws with even to this day.