Posted: Mar 19, 2018 3:24 pm
by Keep It Real
Went to the church again today for breakfast/lunch and all the rest as invited warmly by a couple of senior members last friday. First time I've been there on a monday. The two things in the bible study session (shared between 3 speakers/readers/presenters) this time where I remember speaking out were as follows. A speaker asked the group "who is the holy spirit"...silence..."is the holy spirit a person?"...."Jesus?" says somebody..."yes; that's right, Jesus" replies the speaker. "The holy spirit is a person". I then say "what, a biological person?". Sniggers from my friends Abs and Phe sat on the couch behind me. Awkward look on the speaker's face. Then she go's on to relay the tale of how she first encountered the holy spirit....something about it entering her in a blinding light in a hotel room. No puns please; she's a delightful lady. The second incident was where she was saying that god will forgive anything, except speaking out against the holy spirit. I said "or even thinking bad thoughts against it." She said "Oh, I don't think it's that bad..." and I replied "it is I'm afraid, and it results in eternal damnation, and who's in control of what they think? Patently absurd." The food was tasty, and all the Christians were warm and delightful towards me as usual, despite my atheism, I think because I truthfully tell them every time I'm there something in the proximity of how, despite being an atheist, I see a great deal of good in Christianity, and I am extremely appreciative of their warmth, charity and good intentions.