Posted: Oct 09, 2018 2:14 pm
by zulumoose
If you are a true atheist, who believes in no supreme good, you will choose your interests over your scruples every time

Hogwash, unless you are playing no true Scotsman here, with a hypothetical true atheist who is focussed all the time on how nothing means anything, which matches nobody except perhaps some psychopaths.

A theist will always choose their morals over their personal whims

I notice you don't have to be a TRUE theist to always choose morals. Good thing that, because the true theist would choose the morals of their theism, which often involves a lot of stoning and putting to death, slavery, genocide, etc.
Fortunately that doesn't happen much in more advanced societies these days, due mainly to theists not being true, and using society related morals, which have evolved.