Posted: Oct 09, 2018 2:52 pm
by Sendraks
Wortfish wrote:
One's interests and one's morals are not always congruent. If you are a true atheist, who believes in no supreme good, you will choose your interests over your scruples every time. A theist will always choose their morals over their personal whims.

We have moral behaviour, therefore our morals must come from god. Is that it?

Which is part post-hoc rationalisation and part appeal to incredulity "I can't see how we'd have morales otherwise" all designed to fit the assumed conclusion you're working from.

Putting aside for a moment (because you'll just ignore it anyway) the vast array of evidence in evolution which provides the origins for our moral behaviour, one has to think through how laughably illogical your argument is in defence of your own position.

1. There is a god.
2. God is all powerful and all wondrous.
3. He created humans and gave us our morals.
4. Apparently being an atheist somehow robs you of the moral behaviour given to you by a god.
5. Not really clear how that works or why a god would do that.
6. Take that atheists.