Posted: Oct 09, 2018 3:00 pm
by Wortfish
Hermit wrote:
A mind reader you are not. You see, this atheist does not need a belief in a supreme good to realise that his interests are best served by respecting the same interests of others. The underlying principle is called reciprocity. Atheists realise that without it they'd be living in the real world equivalent of hell.

You are advancing a utilitarian rather than an ethical philosophy. You respect others only in so far as it creates an environment amenable to yourself. But I suspect that if you (or any other atheist) were on a sinking boat with three small children (not your own), you would happily throw them overboard to save yourself.

Furthermore, if your thesis that atheists will choose their interests over their scruples every time, that would make them a rather lawless bunch. You'd then have to expect few of them to be walking freely among society at large. If you cared to look at prison populations, you'd discover that this is not so.

Or it could be that atheists are just too smart to get caught. :smoke: