Posted: Oct 09, 2018 3:16 pm
by Keep It Real
Fallible wrote:
Wortfish wrote:
Hermit wrote:
Yes, we do have our personal interests and safety in mind. Is that something theists resile from?

One's interests and one's morals are not always congruent. If you are a true atheist, who believes in no supreme good, you will choose your interests over your scruples every time. A theist will always choose their morals over their personal whims.

More complete shit. Whatever you do is for your own interests. For some reason you think making yourself look like a stupid bastard on the internet is in your best interest, or you sure as fuck wouldn't be molesting everyone else with your toolish behaviour right now.

no sounds like cliched Southpark canadian for now :tehe: also agree, the worty one's avatar has more nouse, and is basically a goldfish (3 second memory?)

ETA: ah pants, you edited it :waah: