Posted: Oct 09, 2018 8:00 pm
by Alan B
Wortfish wrote:A theist has his main interest in pleasing his God.

So, female theists don't matter? Since you have personalised this God, does this imply that this 'God' is different for each person? Or are you suggesting that any 'god' from any religion will do?

This may means sacrificing his own life, something an atheist would be reluctant to do.

Rubbish. If the circumstances demanded it, any human being would sacrifice their life. A 'God' or a 'god' has nothing to do with it.

Christians braved the lions in the Roman circuses. Can you really see atheists doing that?

Christians were only a minor part of the Roman entertainment. They didn't go willingly, but were rounded-up. I'm sure they didn't say to the soldiers, "Hey, there are a load of Christians here, we want to be fed to the lions". There were plenty of non-Christians who were fed to the lions.