Posted: Oct 30, 2018 11:53 am
by hackenslash
truelgbt wrote:Whether atheism had any influence either way is not supportable either way. There is no way to determine this.

Exactly wrong. Atheism is a privative, and cannot have influence in this manner. There is no logical route between atheism and genocide.

I think

Not seen a huge amount of your work yet, but this claim stands entirely unsupported so far.

the OP was simply using the atheist genocide list to say, "Whether atheism had a part in these genocides I cannot say for sure but its one hellava coincidence that the most famous genocides of the 20th century and the dictators involved were atheists. That was his point. Coincidence.

No, it was a blatant commission of the 'atheist atrocities' fallacy, a well-known and long debunked attempt at poisoning the well, another fallacy, by attempting to associate all atheists with the genocidal dictators of the past, a fallacy of guilt by association, despite the fact that, for example, I have no association with any of them, because atheism isn't an association.

The amazing thing is, nobody on this forum has argued against or defended this 'coincidence' up to now.

Is it a coincidence? Yes or No? Why?

No, because it isn't actually true. Hitler, for example, was most definitely not an atheist.

That aside, those atrocities, and indeed all other genocides in history, including those of the OT, those of the 20th century and all others, are the result of adherence to doctrinal imperatives, which are features of religion. When Marx made communism an imperative, he turned it into a religion.