Posted: Oct 30, 2018 4:38 pm
by Cito di Pense
truelgbt wrote:From an objective point of view,

Objectivity is something your point of view has yet to demonstrate about itself...

truelgbt wrote:genocide by God

From an objective point of view, "genocide by God" is a nonsense phrase. Was that your point? Just get to the point.

truelgbt wrote:can only be used as a claim against Christianity

When is it used as a claim against Christianity. It's usually used as a claim against the sort of God the Christians believe in.

truelgbt wrote:Or are you just saying that what they believe in makes them guilty of genocide too?

No, only an idiot (or somebody knowingly committing a rhetorical fallacy) would state that as a conclusion. So don't try to put words in anyone's posts.

truelgbt wrote:On the other hand, the list of genocides in the Original Post happened in modern times and are indeed true by all accounts although the actual numbers of those murdered varies somewhat but still in the millions dead.

People are nasty, and this in itself has nothing to do with religion. Religion just makes it easier to justify being nasty. Isn't that what you're up to, here?