Posted: Jan 14, 2019 11:22 am
by Alan B
The whole point of theistic religions is control. In order to achieve control stories are invented to persuade the gullible that 'paradise' (a pleasant death) awaits those who accept control and 'hell' (an unpleasant death) for those who do not.
Some theistic religions (even today) deliberately kill (or get their gullible followers to kill), that is, send prematurely to 'hell', anyone who rejects control. This approach is also used against other theistic religions who would be considered rivals that would wrest control.
The above applies to any controlling group, theistic or not, that would use force to maintain control.

An atheist has a singular non-belief in the existence of a god and does not control anybody or anything with respect to that 'non-belief'. Therefore, an atheist killing anybody who does not have a 'non-belief' in a god is not logical. It is a stupid argument put forward by theists who wish to maintain control.