Posted: Apr 12, 2019 1:44 am
by Spinozasgalt
quas wrote:
Spinozasgalt wrote:I didn't say it's not applicable to any moderates. This is Harris's thesis after all and thus it's his job to apply it to, or show it's applicable to, particular cases. He's failed to do that in the piece, so his analysis floats free of particular examples.

He already mentioned creationist and violent fundamentalists.

Those aren't particular moderates. Those aren't even particular creationists or violent fundamentalists.

If someone wrote a piece on Ratskep users, grouping them all together as atheists or skeptics and generalising across them about their atheistic/skeptical stance or attitude formation, we'd want to see the generalisations applied to particular cases at the very least before agreeing that they fit. That's a pretty basic form for skepticism to take here. But Harris has failed to do that in his piece, and thus he's failed to do the very least to address the skeptic.