Posted: Apr 12, 2019 6:37 am
by quas
willhud9 wrote:He attacks the ideology he presents as if any other interpretation of it couldn’t possibly be equally valid and fails to qualify his attack with actual specifics.

What other interpretation can be had out of violent verses like Deuteronomy 13:7–11 ?

For example he could mention Francis Collins as a Christian with moderate theology and compare it to Ken Ham’s theology, but the problem with that is it starts poking holes in Harris’ neat no true Scotsman he erects. His stereotyping and generalization falls flat, but c’est la vie.

Francis Collins "moderation" stems from where? Where in the Bible does it command the believers to take everything that's written there with a pinch of salt? The most straightforward reading leads to literal interpretation. The Christian who that argues that allegorical interpretation of genesis is equally or more valid than the literal interpretation, claims to be backed up by long-held tradition of such interpretation. But such claims are not based on facts. Related thread: ... 13826.html