Posted: Apr 12, 2019 6:15 pm
by willhud9
If I knew eating fast food everyday was likely to lead to health complications and death and I held that belief that fast food eaters were in jeopardy of losing their life id be classified as intolerant of fast food. But I wouldn’t seek to criticize or judge those in my group that do so.

Same with smoking, alcohol, and drugs. I am intolerant of the substances, but not intolerant towards the people doing them.

Now if you have the sincere belief that only your faith is the path for salvation and you sincerely believed in a soul you’d be intolerant of other belief systems. But that doesn’t mean you are intolerant towards other people with other belief systems.

There are some faults for the above. For example “hate the sin, love the sinner” doesn’t work when talking about homosexuals or transgender people due to the connotation that their very being is sinful I.e. that’s hateful.

But mainstream Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is starting to shy away from those harsher cultural criticisms and embrace more openness.

The premise that religion is intolerant is no more substantiated than saying vegans are intolerant.