Posted: Apr 13, 2019 4:46 pm
by Mononoke
willhud9 wrote:
Then Harris is a moron and needs to take a course on sociology and anthropology and realize what religion is. Religion has always been about social-cultural issues facing societies. It adapts to culture. It evolves and shapes itself to civilization. The Greco-Roman world much to the chagrin of entlitenment elitists was very much a religious world where their religion blended with their culture.

It don't think its accurate to say religion evolves to fit Cultures. There is a lot of interplay. And some religions are more about evolving with the culture it is practiced in and others are less so.

Coming from a south asian perspective, buddhism when it spread in this region approx 2300 years ago very much evolved to fit cultural practices of the indigenous populations.

Where as islam and more so Christianity was pretty much shoved down people's throat at sword point and gun point respectively. And local cultures had to drop everything else and accept them. This doesn't mean those religions didn't absorb any local values but they were few and far between. especially moral values. That's just me speaking from a very regionalised experience.