Posted: Apr 13, 2019 10:20 pm
by Svartalf
Rumraket wrote:
willhud9 wrote:Quite simply he states that moderate Christians aren’t exactly Christians because they cherry pick their verses.

Oh and, isn't that essentially right? Is there no end or limit to what a Christian can be? What is a Christian then, what does the word refer to? If there is no limit to how far one can depart from Christian scripture and yet remain a Christian, then it is a word without meaning. A category that has the potential to encompass literally everything. One could be an ISIS muslim, or an atheist, or not exist at all, and still be a Christian.

Depends, I have a pretty clear picture of whom I regard as Christian, there are your basic Catholics, who follow the Babble as explained by Clergy, then there are protestants who follow some variant beliefs but remain within accepetable interpretation of the babble, and remain with the babble, and then there are those who claim to be christian but are actually beyond the pale, because they actually rewrote the book rather than translated it ('JW), or actually added literature to the acceptable books that they deem more important than the Christian bible '(mormons)... then again, there are the wealth theologists and other evangelicals whom I deem beyond the pale because they worship money before god.