Posted: Apr 13, 2019 10:30 pm
by Spearthrower
Svartalf wrote:
Beg pardon? but the mystical versions of islam, such as Sufism, are much more tied to Central Asia than to SouthEast Asia... you will find Mongols and Kyrgiz and Uzbeks much more mystical, than , say, Indonesians.

Peaceful spread of Islam in S. E. Asia was conducted by Indian Sufis, so they brought with them elements of Hinduism and Indian thought, and apparently were very tolerant to local indigenous beliefs, which is why so many pre-Islamic practices were syncretized into S. E. Asian Islamic belief. This is in contrast to the orthodox, militantly homogenizing versions of the Muslim conquests.

Islam in Southeast Asia is heterogeneous and is manifested in many different ways. Some places in Southeast Asia, Islam is adapted to coexist with already existent local traditions.[3] Mysticism is a defining characteristic of Islam in Southeast Asia, with a large following of Sufism. Mystic forms of Islam fit in well with already established traditions.[3] The adaptation of Islam to local traditions is seen as a positive thing by Muslims in Southeast Asia.[4]

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Edit: this follows what I was yammering on about earlier. Early peaceful contact of a new religion tends to be syncretic - you have to wheedle and horse-trade to get converts... it's only when you've got power that you can be assimilative.