Posted: Apr 14, 2019 3:23 pm
by quas
Rumraket wrote:
proudfootz wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:For me, Harris suggesting that it's only fascists who are talking sensibly about Islam is a very bizarre notion, particularly when fascists routinely couch their distaste for foreigners in racially supremacist terms.

Imam Sam marching around with his tiki torch shouting 'You Muslims will not replace us!' isn't a good look.

I totally agree with that. And I think Harris has a problem with internal consistency in his criticism of Islam, Islamic apologists, and voices for moderation.

On the one hand Harris will attack voices for moderation within Islam as being dishonest about what the religion says, when they speak in public and try to distance their religion from the actions of extremists.

On the other hand he will simultaneously call for more voices of moderation, and state that "we have to find some way" of talking about these problems while supporting and enhancing the work of the moderates to bring Islam through a social and cultural revolution that distances it from it's medieval barbarism in the same way Christianity did in many places in the world.

That's certainly a problem. Which one is it, Sam? How are the moderates supposed to transform the religion socially and culturally if bozo's such as yourself are screaming from the sidelines that they're lying about their religion every time they try to assert that terrorism and extremism isn't a valid form of Islam?

This contradiction was even pointed out to him in an interview at some point, and he made the Worst Excuse of All Time, responding essentially (paraphrasing) "Oh yeah but nobody in the islamic world listens to me anyway".


I think this recent confusion started since he hung out with Maajid Nawaz.