Posted: Apr 14, 2019 3:46 pm
by tuco
Spearthrower wrote:
tuco wrote:
Not only in the case of Brunei, seems to be a common denominator for other systems including democratic, wealth is probably another factor contributing to let's say social coherence with the monarch. Brunei is said to be a golden cage.

We can only speculate, but that is perhaps why tightening the screws, though not aimed at the economy, comes in this time when economic future seems less stable. We could speculate further that potential isolation from the West would push Brunei towards China but that is for another thread.

Hi Tuco

The question does still remain though as to why Brunei is the only Muslim-majority S. E. Asian nation to be implementing Sharia in its penal code. It's not like S. E. Asia doesn't have ample numbers of Muslim-majority nations, so one might expect it to be a little more common.

I don't really know but the short answer would probably be because the sultan wants it. Why he wants it we can only speculate about. Maybe he is just nuts. Maybe he believes that loosening up could lead to discontent. The former so-called communist countries ran a police state model and the aim was to have as much control over populace as possible in order to prevent any potential rebellions, a disintegration of the system respectively.

You pointed out why implementation was feasible there so I would guess that elsewhere S.E. Asia it's not. In other words, the majority of Muslims S.E. Asia does not want it to be implemented. That some 70% allegedly support it in Brunei, well, as far as I know, there is no possibility to say to no to the sultan in the first place. I certainly would be interested in learning more about this let's say case study.