Posted: Apr 14, 2019 6:05 pm
by quas
tuco wrote:I don't really know but the short answer would probably be because the sultan wants it. Why he wants it we can only speculate about. ... sharia-law

Analysts say he is seeking to burnish his Islamic credentials and shore up support among the country’s conservatives due to the waning fortunes of the oil-dependent economy, which has been ravaged by recession in recent years.

“This [sharia code] is not a product of popular demand,” said Tim Lindsey, a specialist on sharia law in Southeast Asia at Australia’s Melbourne University, “it is not a product of pressure from conservative Islamist groups. This is a direct, top-down creation, it is something the sultan has pushed extremely hard for over decades. His political legitimacy relies to a great extent on his displaying Islamic credentials.”

Not sure why analysts say the sultan needs to display his Islamic credentials. It's not like a sultan faces electoral competition.

In other words, the majority of Muslims S.E. Asia does not want it to be implemented. ... aw-survey/