Posted: Jan 11, 2021 11:14 pm
by Blackadder
laklak wrote:Bring back indulgences!

There should be Indulgence Terminals next to ATMs. Put in you credit card, pick you sin(s), PRESTO, You're Forgiven!

I'll take two mortals and a pack of venals, please.

Did you know that ATM's in Vatican City offer Latin as one of the language options? Also if you were a criminal and you ever found/stole an ATM card in the Vatican, the most obvious PIN to try would be 2046 (look at the sequence on an ATM keypad).

On that last point, I once had the security code for the entry door to a local Catholic school, whose hall we used to hire for rehearsals for an adult choir. The code was 2046, and the caretaker even helpfully explained why it was so easy to remember. :roll: