Posted: Jun 05, 2021 1:08 pm
by hackenslash
truelgbt wrote:The list given by the OP is a Who's Who of the vast majority of genocidal maniacs of the 20th Century. In addition, they did not do most of the killing themselves since one dictator can't do all of them. So they must have had a multitude of followers of like mindedness who did the killing.

Remember how I said they were religious?

Of that entire list, you mention only ONE who was not an atheist: Hitler. What about all the others? Are you simply saying that their admission that they were, IN THEIR OWN WORDS, were evolutionists and/or atheists....was all a huge coincidence?

That they eschewed traditional magical beliefs in favour of different magical beliefs is not a coincidence. That belief in deities was often incompatible with their ideologies is commentary on their ideologies, not on the shedding of preposterous magical beliefs.

Do you believe in such coincidence?

Coincidence is dependent on your frame of reference. get thee to a physicist, stat.

I assume if they were all Christian or Muslim, you might be the first to point that fact out, but now the shoe is on your foot so its a 'coincidence' and nothing more?

Just goes to show what happens when you erect fuckwitted assumptions. The only time I'd ever point out the religion of a genocidal lunatic is when that genocide was specifically a function of their religious beliefs. That's what it means to have a causal relationship. Atheism and genocide have no causal relationship. The tenets of Christianity and Islam do, along with many other toxic notions. it could hardly be otherwise, given that genocide was commanded by their imaginary friend (at least in their tiny little minds).