Posted: Jul 24, 2021 1:06 pm
by truelgbt
Doubtdispelled wrote:
truelgbt wrote:
The atheist genocidal dictator did not carry out the millions of murders by himself. He needed help.

From who? Those who had the same mindset as he (the murderous atheist) of course. Who else?

When anyone builds a regime, he surrounds himself with like-minded people who will agree with, and carry out his murderous plans without complaint. If the leader is an atheist, he will not surround himself with and expect help from Christians, for example. Or Jews. Especially since Christians and Jews were included in those murdered.

Which brings up another question: How many Jews, Christians, and people of faith in general, in total millions, were murdered by these atheist regimes? Pastors, rabbis, nuns, priests, elders, and regular attendees of churches, temples, and synagogues?

In the case of these many genocidal atheist dictators (which pretty much covers all of the dictators of the 20th century), each one of them had lots of helpers to murder lots of people. Lots of helpers. In fact, tens of thousands of helpers.

Any sensible person would have to suspect that many of those 'helpers' were themselves atheists.

You have absolutely no idea how genocidal dictatorships work, do you?

And you do because you have first-hand experience? If so, I bet he was an atheist.