Posted: Jul 26, 2021 6:23 am
by Agrippina
BlackBart wrote:Notice how we get the inevitable grubby goalpost shifting and no true scotsmans? It's the usual predictable dishonest MO. Not the first, won't be the last.
As if 'Born-again' actually means anything. :lol: A trivial web search will bring up 'Born Agains' caught kiddie fiddling as well as bog standard Christian kiddie fiddlers.

Exactly, it's a term used to describe having found Jesus and thereby being excused for whatever crime they've committed. You see this in death-penalty criminals who try to gain public forgiveness for the horrors of their crimes, and, according to the "born-again" types means they've gone to heaven. Well if heaven is populated with the likes of Gacy, and some 400+ other murderers, thanks very much but I'll pass. I'll take my chances with the idea that when I die I'm just going to be a pile of rotting flesh before they stick me in an oven and reduce me to a pile of ash. I don't care what happens afterwards I'll be dead. Now, I want respect, which I think I've earned, not deserved because of being old, and treats made of sugar and flavouring, including chocolate. I don't need anything more than just food, a warm bed, a dog to sleep on my feet, and some electronics to play with. The rest, whomever wants it, can take it.