Posted: Jul 29, 2021 12:43 am
by Hermit
truelgbt wrote:
Hermit wrote:Not this canard again. Yes, atheist dictators have committed mass murders in the 20th century. So have theist dictators. Dictators are psychopaths regardless of whether they subscribe to a religion, or not.

The list of atheist dictators in the OP pretty much covers most of the dictators of the 20th century.

Who are the born-again Christian dictators you are referring to?

I have not referred to born-again Christian dictators. Neither have you until a week after I wrote the post you are quoting here. Learn to read.

In keeping with this thread's title, "Are Genocides Associated with Atheists?", and the discussion therein up to that point, I have mentioned theist dictators. Hitler was one of them, and almost all his collaborators as well as his supporters were theists.