Posted: Oct 12, 2021 5:52 am
by Spearthrower
truelgbt wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:216,000 cases of pedophilia by CHRISTIAN clergy in the last 70 years in France alone...

Uh, here is the title of a CNN article about the 216,000 cases of pedophilia...
"France CATHOLIC church abuse scandal - CNN"

Why didn't you mention CATHOLIC???

They are Christian. This is an unarguable fact. Your small-minded bigotry does not decree reality.

truelgbt wrote:The Bible describes the CATHOLIC Church as follows (2 Timothy 3:5): "...having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people."

No it doesn't - the Bible makes no mention of Catholic at all - you're talking bigoted bullshit as usual. Clearly, your bigotry isn't limited to just atheists, but also to your fellow Christians - what a nasty little mind virus plaguing you.

truelgbt wrote:The CATHOLIC Church is the False Church of the endtimes.

What utter batshit. Those end-times had 1500 years and never amounted to anything, because the concept was always the produce of delusional nutjobs.

truelgbt wrote:The Catholic Church is considered as just that - a different group entirely.

You still don't history, do you?

truelgbt wrote: They worship and pray to Mary (an idol), and deceased saints (more idols). And blasphemies of blasphemies, they worship the Pope!!@! And he receives it!!! The Bible forbids worshipping or praying to idols or humans.

No they don't. No it doesn't.

truelgbt wrote:If you go to a largely Catholic country in Latin America and, as a born-again Christian you hold a service on Sunday, no CATHOLIC will even come close. No way. They know you and they are different altogether.

That's because religionists are overwhelmingly driven by petty tribalism, tend to be the least educated and most violent individuals in societies - and both history and current affairs bears that out.

truelgbt wrote:Why ATHEISTS lump all churches together is because of ignorance.

You're deranged. Protestantism is a heresy of Catholicism. This is fact. There are more Catholic Christians than Protestants. This is fact. Declaring Catholics not Christian (and all the other mystical wibble) is an entirely typical bigoted delusion of crackpot Evangelical organisations.

truelgbt wrote: You don't live in a CATHOLIC country where the differences are acute and obvious so you don't understand the ways of the church or the culture of it in Latin American countries, for example.

You don't know where I live, or where I have lived, so your declaration is more nonsense. On top of that, it's not actually a requisite to live in a country to understand its politics and society adequately, or else we wouldn't be able to study History, for example... well, by 'we' I obviously don't include you.

truelgbt wrote:So when we hear about pedophilia within the CATHOLIC clergy, we should not be surprised. They are acting out exactly what they are....the FALSE Church of the endtimes.

So shall we start looking at the pedophilia rampant in the Protestant Christian churches then? Going to start making excuses about how they're not Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1879 but those awful degenerates of the Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912?

This is mindless tribalism, and it is entirely consistent with everything else you've produced here. You live in a world of petty hatreds and it is your religious belief fueling it.

truelgbt wrote:What about the CATHOLIC Crusades and CATHOLIC inquisition which is ignorantly blamed on all churches?

Otherwise known as CHRISTIAN Crusades and CHRISTIAN Inquisition, not least because there were no Protestants at all at the time.

truelgbt wrote:The CATHOLIC Crusades and the CATHOLIC Inquisition MURDERED TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CHRISTIANS for refusing to bow to the Pope?

Yeah, nasty history of CHRISTIANITY, isn't it?

truelgbt wrote:And now is being blamed on Christians - who were murdered??? WHAAT?

Christians were murdered by the Pope in the Crusades and Inquisition?

You really think the way the world works is that first you produce uncritical prejudice derived from abject ignorance, then you decree that reality conforms.

Sadly for you, that's not at all how it works and it just makes you look deranged and vicious.