Posted: Dec 02, 2021 1:25 pm
by BlackBart
truelgbt wrote:
BlackBart wrote:
truelgbt wrote:
1) China is not atheist.

Everyone is a THEIST according to you. Therefore, evil Chinese murderers are THEIST.

Obviously, you have no reasoned argument here. Just moronic, spittal-on-the-chin, bigotry.

According to the Bible, EVERYONE is a theist.

Yes, we all got that bit, Polly parrot. :coffee:

On the other hand, according to fallible men and women, some are atheist denialists.

Well, that would be you wouldn't it? Given you've been chuntering on, asserting that people are atheists.

Who should we believe?

Oooh! Is it the book that tells us light was created before the sun? :teef: