Posted: Dec 03, 2021 3:48 am
by Spearthrower
truelgbt wrote:Still NOT ONE ATHEIST here has the courage to grapple with the huge question, the elephant in the room (or in this forum), of why genocides continue to occur in ATHEIST nations ? (note: I am not blaming anyone here, unless you are a member of the CCP)

What are some constructive suggestions? If we don't talk about this, the problem will not be solved.

Your idiotic bigotry just doesn't make for coherent questions, and clearly doesn't allow you to comprehend replies.

Historically, more genocides have occurred in theist nations.

Are you under obligation to answer for them? Does the fact that theists engage in genocide make theism wrong? Does it make all theists guilty by association? Is theism the cause for genocide?

Until you stop acting like a nasty little bigot - no one here owes you anything.