Posted: Dec 18, 2021 4:25 am
by Hermit
Spearthrower wrote:Its inevitably the case, and played out in microcosm here.

Carl, the original poster of this thread, who is hostile to atheists (and no doubt every other religious adherent than his own brethren) and science that isn't amenable to theistic distortion, makes a fact-free assertion designed to paint his ideological enemies in a bad light. Others, like Trev here, motivated by the same bad faith hostility, simply assume it to be true (or just don't give a fuck about truth and honesty) and uncritically regurgitate it without even a passing attempt at verifying it. No doubt, some day some other ideologically angsty person will - via Google - find Trev's assertion above, and copy and paste it without a care for accuracy or reality - all in service to ideologically motivated hatred. The bullshit mill keeps spinning, confirmation bias keeps confirming the bias, and comforting ignorance is retained to keep those ideological blinkers firmly attached.

Well, there is a remarkable similarity between the opening post of this thread and that one, created five years later. It may have been created by Carl under a different alias, or, as you say, a copypasta job via Google (in this instance with minor alterations). Neither should come as a surprise. The propagation of information is after all the raison d'ĂȘtre of the internet, but the internet does not allow for quality control.