Posted: Dec 18, 2021 2:00 pm
by Spearthrower
You can tell that Trev has no interest other than rehearsing vapid bigotry because he doesn't ask atheists to explain their position, but keeps declaring what atheists believe.

I've already explained to him that atheism isn't abiogenesis or cosmology - one can be an atheist without knowing or caring the first thing at all about any scientific topic - atheism is just the disbelief in gods.

Trev disbelieves in plenty of gods. Why does he disbelieve in those gods? Because he sees no reason to lend them his belief. Atheists feel exactly the same way, but just include his god too. For Trev, that's unacceptable - all must conform, all must genuflect, all must submit their individual reason and rationality just to make Trev feel comfortable with his otherwise impoverished faith.