Posted: Dec 29, 2021 2:46 am
by don't get me started
ElDiablo wrote:
truelgbt wrote:
But, to each their own.

Yet, here you are preaching. It seems like you threw away atheism because there was little to preach about.

I always find it so weird that the people who I know who cling daily to their religious faith are troubled by my atheism. Out of nowhere, they will bring up their god and faith and tell me why it works for them. God this, god that, the bible says, etc... I don't see it as a sign of strength but weakness. I feel sorry for them that simply thinking that I'm an atheist causes them emotional trauma and that they can't just let me be. I have no trouble letting them be and not pushing my ideas on them.

It seems to be the default setting that an expression of faith apropos nothing is not considered problematic, but an expression of atheism in response to the initial religious statement is considered bad manners at best and a kind of fighting talk at worst.