Posted: Oct 16, 2010 8:17 am
by Durro
Two that I know of. I would hope that some of my discussions with numerous people may have had some sort of influence on them so that they may reevaluate their faith with a more reasoned and rational eye.

I helped my wife let go of her childhood indoctrination, but she was already part of the way there with a few hangovers and superstitions. In my company, she felt more at ease to express her doubts and rationalize her way through some of the issues before being confidently able to proclaim her atheism.

I also have had discussions with a receptionist at work over a couple of year about religion and faith. She is from a very strongly catholic family, but had no idea of what was really in the bible and what her faith proclaimed. She was a cultural catholic who mouthed the words but had some doubts. Through a number of discussions about different aspects of faith and the contents of the bible (she was very surprised at some of it), she's finally let go of religion to the point where she doesn't go to church at all and is thinking of not getting married in a church despite her parents' wishes. She's not sure that she can win that battle though.

I don't set out to deconvert people. But I do have a strong interest in education and it's natural for me to help explain certain concepts that come up in conversation with various people and to encourage rational thinking.