Posted: Jan 12, 2011 6:32 am
by Towns
We're only affected in the North in terms of getting supplies in. We're expecting rain in the coming days, though nothing near what happened South. How did Yeppoon fair when Rocky got flooded?

Denny wrote:
Towns wrote:The only time i question someone's beliefs, is when they try and impose theirs onto other people. I haven't "deconverted" anyone, and i can't imagine it being relatively easy as it is. If someone can be persuaded by a simple discussion that their beliefs are wrong, then they don't really believe in it at all. The only way a true believers mind can be changed is by solid evidence, and currently, we don't have any of that

I don't like your notion that only non-believer's minds are "free". I have seen atheists that i have deemed more eccentric than most Christians.

It's not what we believe in, it's how we let it affect our daily lives that is the true problem.

I don't agree. I think it's fair to say a believer's mind is not free. Not only is their interpretation of the universe and the natural world flawed but they willingly and eagerly volunteer themselves for slavedom to the divine. I don't see any correlation between eccentricity and being free in this example

You seem to be assuming that all believers are comparable to each other in terms of the 'level' of their belief. Granted, there are some fundamentalist Christians who have highly flawed views on the workings on the universe, but not all believers are at that level. What about the people that simply believe that the Christian God exists? Are there minds not 'free' by your standards?

In a completely hypothetical situation, if substantial evidence comes about that God does exist, would that mean all non-believers did not have a free mind? After all, your view of the universe would be flawed then too.