Posted: Jan 12, 2011 2:24 pm
by Brain
I used to be something of an "evangelical atheist," posting the videos from the YouTube channel GIIVideo on my Facebook page, along with similarly themed videos. Eventually, I just got tired of failed attempts of changing someone's mind, so I don't do all that evangelizing anymore.


In English, I even got to do a presentation that was basically a big argument for atheism in disguise. Basically, I compared the peacefulness of religious and not-so-religious countries, then discussed the Spanish Inquisition, then discussed the benefits of science. I had fun writing the essay, but I didn't know at first that we would have to do a presentation in front of everyone, so I was really stressed. By now, I've drastically revised that essay, since I've come across information that's more relevant to that point that I actually want to make in regards to what may or may not be true.

In retrospect, I really think that I would have preferred doing a presentation called "Mormon Mythology," and it would be all about the beliefs of the followers of the Latter-day Saint movement. That definitely would have been more fun and enjoyable. :mrgreen: