Posted: Feb 10, 2011 2:59 am
by Lion IRC
Spearthrower wrote:
Lion IRC wrote:
Loke wrote:So, how many people have you successfully de-converted from their old beliefs, ideas or religions? Any?
I can say I have de-converted a total of zero people.

(Poll runs for 14 days- I'm aiming for at least 50 votes!)

Since the thread topic is "How many people".............

I have deconverted quite a few. Although not single-handedly of course but as part of a team effort.

Once the people I have deconverted realize that their belief system is such a small minority view compared to the rest of humanity and that their faith lacks the supportive elements of other belief systems (such as monotheism with its Torah, Bible, regular organized weekly assembly, etc) they begin to open up.

These people I have deconverted eventually admit that their previously narrow-minded, short-sighted belief about divinity, the soul and the afterlife is far too restrictive for minds such as human beings have. (A bit like having a Ferrari to take for a test drive and being told you mustn't exceed 10 miles per hour and can only drive in a straight line).

This is already in the dictionary as 'conversion' rather than 'deconversion'.

Suppose you have an atheist - who was born that way - but subsequently converted to theism and who later de-converted back to atheism, insofar as the scope of this thread is concerned, but then changed their mind as a consequence of proselytyzation and became a theist.

What would be the correct word for that Spearthrower? un-deconversion? counter-reconversion? :scratch:

You have to remember that I think atheism is a (form of) religion so its all "conversion" of people as far as I am concerned - from one world view to another. Polytheist people, monotheist people, atheist people....

I think atheism is a religion for the same reason that people like Mr Dawkins would accuse me of being an atheist in respect to Zeus. A person who believes there is no god still has a "belief" in respect to divinity.