Posted: Feb 11, 2011 12:23 am
by Davian
Lion IRC wrote:...
Once the people I have deconverted realize that their belief system is such a small minority view compared to the rest of humanity and that their faith lacks the supportive elements of other belief systems (such as monotheism with its Torah, Bible, regular organized weekly assembly, etc) they begin to open up.

These people I have deconverted eventually admit that their previously narrow-minded, short-sighted belief about divinity, the soul and the afterlife is far too restrictive for minds such as human beings have. (A bit like having a Ferrari to take for a test drive and being told you mustn't exceed 10 miles per hour and can only drive in a straight line).

I love car analogies.

So this belief car you are trying to sell me - you say it is incredibly popular, that billions are hoping to get one. No point in signing up for one of those less popular beliefs cars. Or worse you say - going without a belief car.

You say it can drive on water? Like a perpetual motion machine, it never needs refueling? It will be the most perfect, wonderful car that I could imagine? Great!

Can I take this car for a test drive? Can you at least take me for a ride in it? Can I at least sit in it? Touch it?
What do you mean you only have the glossy brochure? A copy? You've lost the original? You don't even have the original brochure?

Wait a minute - do you have evidence that even one of these has ever been delivered?