Posted: Jul 06, 2011 6:11 am
by 95Theses

Richard clearly wasn't being very sensitive but nonetheless I don't understand the hysteria.

He didn't try and touch her, he apparently politely asked if she wanted to come back for a coffee and she said no. So he left. Her problem seems to be that she finds it creepy and that he was 'sexualising her' FFS he didn't even ask her if she wanted to come back for a shag!

What she is saying is 'Never hit on me, even obliquely because it annoys me' - so what? every bloke has to stand back and never even gently try and hit on her even if they take no for an answer and leave immediately? Which means that when she wants to hit on someone she is going to be hitting on them with no idea if they are up for it or not because they are being completely careful to not in any way show they are attracted to her, so She will be doing the exact same thing the guy here did.

The guy probably misread the situation and if it was 4am was probably a bit drunk which might explain why he misread it. When it became apparent she didn't want to come back for coffee he didn't push the matter, he didn't behave innapropriately, he just left probably feeling a bit embarrassed.

She needs to grow a thicker skin.