Posted: Jul 06, 2011 9:11 am
by talkietoaster
Animavore wrote:And I'm not with PZ here at all.

However, the existence of greater crimes does not excuse lesser crimes, and no one has even tried to equate this incident to any of the horrors above. What these situations demand is an appropriate level of response: a man who beats a woman to death has clearly committed an immensely greater crime than a man who harrasses a woman in an elevator/[u]; let us fit the punishment to the crime. Islamic injustice demands a worldwide campaign of condemnation of the excesses and inhumanity of that religion.

Lesser crime? The guy in the elevator committed [u]no crime. Unless making a tit of yourself is now a crime?

It is a crime if you did it infront of your mates, that would resort in your having to buy the drinks for the fail LoL.