Posted: Jul 06, 2011 9:36 am
by MattHunX
I've already seen this on Pharyngula and from Matt Dillahunty.

Some folks obviously cannot detect SARCASM! :nono:

Dawkins might as well have just posted his take on it in the Onion.

He even explained in a response that his reply was meant sarcastically. Comparing this woman's experience to the situation of women in muslim countries, and in effect, stating quite correctly that this woman's got nothing to complain about.

What happened to her pales in comparison to the situation of muslim women.

That said, it isn't right to ignore the smaller issues, and focus only on the big ones, but seriously!? She's complaining about a harmless invitation that she could turn down with mere words, when other women are getting battery acid in their faces, aren't allowed to drive and are being abused by their husband while sharia courts are totally fine with it.

A word to the apparently unwise, to her: Quit crying about some non-event! It was practically harmless flirting, as far as it went. She was able to avoid "the situation" with mere words.

And honestly, what does she expect to happen in a bar, at 4:00am, with potentially drunk and/or potentially sexually aroused individuals? A little naive, I feel. :nono: Chances are, if not here, than some other woman might have taken the guy up on his offer, to have some more fun. :dunno: She's just not that kind of woman. Doesn't mean she had anything serious to complain about, though.