Posted: Jul 06, 2011 9:39 am
by Charlou
Rachel Bronwyn wrote:It certainly wasn't a crime. It made someone feel uncomfortable though and not unreasonably so. Telling someone "Worse shit happens so just shut up about it" when something so simple to remedy is making them uncomfortable is completely unfair. No one thinks Elevator Guy was going to rape someone. No one wants to see Elevator Guy thrown in jail. They just want him (and everyone) to know that what he did makes a lot of people uncomfortable and it would be preferable if he didn't repeat it.

Why is asking for such a simple courtesy a big deal? Why is it the job of the women who are being made to feel uncomfortable by these advances to just get over them?

It's incredibly frustrating being a female and trying to participate in this "community" when sexism is so prevalent and, instead of listening, what seems like the majority of men would rather band together in their defensiveness and accuse women of being unreasonable. It's hurtful. It divides the community.

What's particularly hilarious is a lot of men complain about there being too few women present at conventions. If you're going to tell them their feelings are illegitimate as oppsed to modifying a minor behaviour to make them feel more welcome, they're not going to show up or if they do, they'll not return.

She's coming from a presumption of sexualisation, therefore fear, just because he ("elevator guy") is male, so isn't the sexism on her part?

And "community" ... what does that mean in this context?