Posted: Aug 08, 2017 4:43 pm
by GrahamH
Isn't it relatively expensive to mine, refine and grind iron to powder? Even recycling steel scrap must take a lot of energy.
Then there's the excessive weight involved in freighting it around the country. And ditto for the Iron oxide waste.

"The whole idea is to close the loop," Bergthorson said. "The key idea … is to have energy that goes from one place to another, but the material just goes around and around and around without losses to the environment."

How do they propose to capture 100% of the waste?

Not only that, but that iron oxide can be collected by a vacuum and then reused to burn again. It's a closed-loop system


Does it even work in gravity?

How do they convert heat to motion?

Call me sceptical.

How does it compare to potential battery technology.