Posted: Nov 18, 2019 10:17 am
by newolder
Scott Mayers wrote:...

I'm asking anyone finding faith in this to clarify their own trust of this. ...

Thank you.

There is no "steady state" model that accounts for our observations that every galaxy (or galaxy group bounded by its own gravity) is moving away from every other at an accelerating rate.

The current temperature of the relic CMBR is close to 2.7 K. Running the concordance (Lambda-CDM) model backwards to tlast scattering~380 000 years, yields a temperature of a few thousands of Kelvin degrees that corresponds to the ionisation energies of hydrogen.

If the CMBR was not very close to thermal equilibrium then the early Universe would have evolved to produce a current night sky that would be more "blotchy" i.e. have greater contrast between light and dark patches, than the observed distribution of galaxies and CMBR accounts for.

I have no faith in this model. Instead, the model is in concordance with the current data set and any future observations may cause a shift to a different model.

You are welcome.