Posted: Nov 19, 2019 4:11 am
by Scott Mayers
Macdoc wrote:
Given you just posted this as though it obviously speaks for itself to you, can you defend the progress of the evidence that leads to the unique conclusion that the phenomena is actually representing a hot origin personally? Or are you just trusting the scientific authority without actually knowing?

hardly unique ...follow the evidence which you patently have you actually know how the CMB was discovered?

Yes, I know how it was discovered. What has 'how' got to do with anything?

The same story is told repeatedly everywhere about Bell Lab's attempt clear the microwave antenna with bird crap presuming they should not be receiving any noise.

But why they should or should not expect to find no noise is not clearly justified.

Do you know of that justification?

I might help to educate you on climate if you are an honest enquirer
....there is lots out there on early universe.....go for it.

So are you saying that you know the justification? If so can you tell me how you understand what I asked in above? Note I'm responding to your apparent understanding of the chain of the evidence and need to determine how those assuming something so obvious is so obvious on this issue.