Posted: Nov 19, 2019 3:43 pm
by Scott Mayers
Macdoc wrote:Oh for fuck sakes ....another one ala Jamest that thinks he can determine reality via logic and in love with a diet of word salad.....thin fare that.

Since you are questioning an evidence derived theory ...perhaps you can offer an equally evidenced based counter theorem. :popcorn:


Mmmmm salad. I'll have to try topping it with popcorn too!

I'm doubting a lot of people who can't recognize that science isn't merely observations and that you still need to prioritize formal logic above mere induction. When you are dealing with physics in which much of what we see in space is relatively static observations, you require to delve into the deeper philosophical and logical analysis with more care than simply looking. Evidence is not simply the observations alone.

Do you have something you know regarding the physics here?