Posted: Nov 19, 2019 3:57 pm
by newolder
Scott Mayers wrote:...
When you are dealing with physics in which much of what we see in space is relatively static observations, you require to delve into the deeper philosophical and logical analysis with more care than simply looking. ...

I cannot imagine what you mean by "relatively static" since the electromagnetic doppler effect is used to measure speeds of objects across the universe and also contributes to our understanding (i.e. the red shift) of the CMBR.

Here's an example image to help clarify. In the image below, a star (a pulsar at lower right) has been ejected out of a supernova bubble/shell at a speed in excess of 1000 km/s and is travelling fast enough that it will escape the Milky Way's gravity well.


Relatively static, my arse. :lol: