Posted: Nov 19, 2019 4:19 pm
by Cito di Pense
Scott Mayers wrote:Evidence is not simply the observations alone.

Perhaps not, but with too much reasoning from (what somebody designates as) the evidence, and not enough evidence for the reasoning, we get crap like the expanding earth hypothesis, whose proponents say a lot of similar shit about the politics of the plate tectonics hegemony.

Call it selective attention, if you like. This thread was opened by a troll. Actually, by the sock puppet of a troll. Is this really where you want to defend your Alamo?

Scott Mayers wrote:When you are dealing with physics in which much of what we see in space is relatively static observations, you require to delve into the deeper philosophical and logical analysis with more care than simply looking.

I'll tell you what, Professor. Go spend some time with George Djorgovski's course "The Evolving Universe" at Coursera. It's open to one and all, though aimed at Caltech freshmen. Spend a few weeks absorbing the lectures and testing your learning with the quizzes that go along. You won't bother if you think stuff like that is the same as having the Gospel read to you, an illiterate.