Posted: Nov 20, 2019 4:37 am
by Scott Mayers
Macdoc wrote:Do you understand what Occam's Razor is about ??

Have you not understood from every single responder that what you see as a useful dialogue is not.

Contrary to responses challenging what you may think I lack knowing, I assure you that I'm far more ahead of this than you could fathom. I'm am very skilled and knowledgeable in logic and scientific methodology. My discussion here isn't formal with you.

For those who prefer linking to arguments NOT of your own capacity to argue, then just opt out of discussing things with me. My challenge here was to get those who think they 'know' to prove they actually know. If you can't argue how YOU know, than I'll presume you don't. Anyone can copy and paste or link material from others.

This isn't my thread and I've exhausted what I can say here. You're welcome to join me on a discussion on the limits of space when I open a thread or find one already opened. It was actually why I found this site a while back and forgot. If some of you guys could get your heads out of your need to bully people safely behind your anonymity, we might get somewhere.