Posted: May 18, 2010 12:23 pm
by Allan Miller
tuco wrote:Or, that's not the way it is, Mr Darwin
A farewell to Selfish Gene

Frozen plasticity theory

This theory suggests a mechanism of the origin of adaptive traits in sexual organisms. The classical Darwinian mechanism of the origin of adaptive traits by natural selection can explain the evolution of such traits only under a very special situation, e.g., in a genetically homogeneous population of asexual organisms. The frozen plasticity theory is much more general: It can also explain the origin and evolution of adaptive traits in a genetically heterogeneous population of sexual organisms.


Not sure if this should be here or in debunk section, so feel free to move it there if necessary. Other than that .. thoughts?

Aside from a natural knee-jerk skepticism regarding 'new theories of evolution', it may be of interest to peruse this from Biology Direct. BD has the interesting strategy of allowing anyone to publish provided they can get three reviewers who can be arsed to review. Reviewer comments are published along with the article.

I'd like to comment in more detail myself, but I'm busy working on a stunning new theory of evolution.