Posted: Apr 12, 2017 7:53 am
by Macdoc
Interesting, but the smoking gun remains that megafauna extinctions occurred in Australia much earlier and New Zealand quite recently and both were contemperous to human arrival.

One correct not .....New Zealand there is no question of human engendered extinction.

Australia tho ....60% of megafauna were already extinct when human's arrived due in the most part to climate change.
It's cool there may be a reprieve for the thylacine.

Haast's eagles are an interesting top predator. It's considered that the Kea


evolved colours only under their wings to avoid predation from above. ... ka-colours.


likely was preyed on as big lunch box the way some of South America's extinct animals were,

I do wonder who might lunch on who with Maglania.

Good images here