Posted: Apr 20, 2018 10:35 am
by SpeedOfSound
Hermit wrote:
zoon wrote:PZ Myers is claiming that he's not questioning the evolved nature of our brains, but he does then criticise, as SpeedOfSound says, every attempt to study psychology in the light of evolution. I agree with Jerry Coyne and the people here who say that this looks very much like an ideological attempt to shut down evolutionary thinking.

Having taken to a dislike of the Minnesota loudmouth a long time ago, years before he joined the Atheism+ crowd, I naturally jumped on the link you provided to see his ideological attempt to shut down evolutionary thinking. There is not even a hint of that, so I guess there is evidence of your and Coyne's assertion that you have not linked to for our perusal.

As for evolutionary psychology itself, it's chapter X of the debate concerning nurture versus nature. I don't think we have anywhere sufficient data to discuss that issue with any prospect of some kind of resolution. To forestall accusations that I too want to see evolutionary thinking shut down for ideological reasons I'd like to mention that, on the contrary, I'd like to see more actual research done, which means more funding for evolutionary psychology.

I was just going through all his material on the blog and youtube and trying to get a grip on what the issue is. Google it my friend. I like PZ. He is a bit edgy but that happens when you are sandblasted by idiots. Then I became concerned when he went after my baby. I'm trying to get a grip and figure out what it is that he is saying that I should take to heart.