Posted: Jul 27, 2018 11:33 am
by newolder
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I have, thanks. That now appears to be a couple of links. Could you summarise in your own words how auto-cannibalism is a key to understanding the longevity of the surface vertebrate eye? :coffee:

Sure (actually I did years ago on this site, but it's lost in the years and thousands of posts and lack of a search engine!

There is a site search and other search engines work too, I read. I look forward to you posting the relevant forum link...
There may be for you, but not for me, newolder. I suspect that that "privelege" was withdrawn from me some time ago, after I was critical of the mods about something. At least I now know that others still have a search facility, though.

It's not a privilege, David, it's a function of the forum available after logging in. Even so, have you tried using an external, commercial search engine?
As I have already said in this somewhat disjointed conversation, the cannibalism is only half the process of opsin disc replacement - new discs (with new opsin molecules) are constantly being made at the front end of the cell.

One would have expected such a process to be included on the key diagram. Heigh ho.

Well, maybe, but there is nothing much to see in the stills, becuse new discs just seem to appear at the front end. Somewhere on the internet, there may be a video of it, which would make it clear what happens.

It's a crucial part of the process that can be understood to lead to "longevity" but never mind...